Common Mistakes To Avoid When Planning Your Event

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5 Things To Consider When Planning Holiday Events
September 5, 2018
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September 19, 2018
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With the number of things to consider when planning an event, there are plenty of ways they can go wrong. That’s why it’s important to see where others have failed and learn from it. Here are some common mistakes that can spoil the success of your event.


Dragging On

One thing that can really dampen any event is the feeling that it’s dragging on. If people can’t wait to leave, there’s something amiss. Too often, the desire to get home and relax is caused by the event being boring or too continuous. If you’re planning an event with a speaker and people will have to sit and listen for a while, make sure you choose a speaker who makes every second count. Consider having an intermission break so guests have a moment to let the previous events sink in. People are only human. Let them have bathroom breaks and a chance to eat something before getting back down to business.


Forced Participation

What’s worse than an event where you sit and do nothing the whole time? An event where you’re made to get up in front of your peers against your will. Make sure it’s established with whoever is directing activities at your event that participation is not forced. Take volunteers. If someone is crowd shy, making them speak in front of a group of their peers, or worse, a big group of strangers, is going to humiliate them. Events are usually meant to boost morale, not send guests home with a sense of dread over facing their coworkers or superiors the next day. If activities take volunteers instead, those among us who are more extroverted will naturally take the lead without the weight of embarrassment on their shoulders.


Risky Venue

Another thing that’s sure to spoil a good time is an outdoor event that becomes the victim of rain. If the weather isn’t undeniably sunny, be cautious in your choice of venue. An indoor venue or something under an outdoor cover is less risky. There are plenty of beautiful locations in parks or attached to bigger venues that have cover. These areas will usually include picnic tables of some kind and can be decorated to look great!


Bad Menu

And last but not least, no event should be subjected to a bad menu. The perfect venue and décor can’t fix a bad menu. Food is so often at the center of event socializing and will draw people in. If there’s little to choose from or the options are downright unappealing, guests might be put off entirely. Plan out your menu according to the event type so that food is tasty and accessible. Most importantly, make sure you’re relying on a service you trust to make the food you serve.