How To Choose Your Event’s Music

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September 19, 2018
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If you plan to have an event with a focus on socializing, music is a staple. A room of silence isn’t very encouraging for sociality. What kind of music is right for the event you’re planning, though? Take a look at the factors below to help you decide.


Event Type

First thing is looking at what kind of event you’re leading. Formal events are better suited to instrumental music. Instrumental music gives off a sense of comfortable elegance. There is very little chance anyone will find it unappealing if it’s soft and unobtrusive enough. There are also no lyrics to analyze, figuring out what’s appropriate and what’s not.

However, if you’re planning a more casual event, it might be more fitting to choose something lively. Figuring out what kind of lively depends on other factors. Let’s see how audience affects music taste.



There’s very little to object about with classical or contemporary piano, for example. That will work with any audience. Choosing music with more energy to it can be a bit trickier. There’s a clear divide in what people find appealing depending on their age. If you have older superiors to appeal to, it might be safer to play easy listening music from the last century. It’s familiar and relaxing.

Younger audiences give more leniency with casual music. You can throw together a list of good songs from the last decade and no one is likely to have a problem with it. You can even get creative with it and put in some of your personal favorites that are less popular without anyone questioning it. Younger peers are likely to have a good time regardless of their familiarity with the music provided. Take the chance to stretch your creative muscles.



Depending on your budget, you might just be able to hire live music if it fits with the atmosphere you’re looking for your event to have. This ranges from quiet and more formal singing to live bands for casual events. Outdoor events in a more casual vein are certain to benefit from live music. This is especially good for events looking to draw in the public. Charity events and gatherings meant to spark interest in a product or company will be much more successful with a draw like live music.

Local bands are a great place to start if you don’t have a lot of money to expend on music. They’re lesser known and likely to spark interest in the community. Not only do you benefit from their performance, you’re also doing them the favor of publicity. It’s a win win! If you have a big budget for music, hiring someone with a known name is even better. A popular name on the front of your event advertisements is sure to catch people’s’ attention.