3 Ways to Create a Playful Attitude at Your Next Event

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Incorporating play has been a proven productivity boost at major events.  It’s a great way to build bonds between attendees, to increase productivity and boost creativity and help seal in learning.  That being said, you can’t make everything fun and playful – serious subject matters need to remain serious!  The trick is to find good places and opportunities to sprinkle in fun, playful activities without disrupting your event.

Here are some tips for incorporating fun and play into your next major event:

Use Fun for Teambuilding

Teambuilding and ice-breaking activities are the perfect place to inject some play into an otherwise standard event.  There are plenty of games that require teamwork and are a great way to get people working together and having a good time – trivia contests, name that tune, family feud, and so on.  These are high-energy activities that can get super fun and competitive if done properly!


Music is the fastest way to transform a room from boring to exciting.  Your choice of music helps define the atmosphere your event is taking place in.  This can be static – using fun, upbeat songs for general group sessions and other open areas – or active, with things like karaoke and other game-like activities.  Music can also be used to help guide people around; with the level of volume being a good indicator of when a session is about to begin.

Add Surprises

While tight schedules are important to ensure all your content gets to where it needs to be, keeping your guests on their toes is a great way to boost excitement and interest.  Surprise special guests and entertainment, or pop-up events and activities, adds an air of unpredictability and excitement to any event.  By adding pleasant surprises to your schedule, you’ll create a positive buzz about what’s coming next.