Planning A Suitable Menu For Events

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July 20, 2018
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5 Things To Consider When Planning Holiday Events
September 5, 2018
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Planning A Suitable Menu For Events

When planning an event where you expect to serve food, it’s important to pick the right menu for the occasion. From finger foods to sit-down meals, the options vary greatly. So what things should you consider when picking the food to serve at your event? Check out our list below to get some ideas!

How Much Food

When you start planning your event menu, one of the first things to determine your menu is the type of event it is. Will it be casual or formal? Maybe you want something in between. More casual events won’t require as big of a budget. While you may not have less food, it can subsist of cheaper alternatives to what you might serve in a more formal setting. For a casual event, a table of foods people can serve themselves is likely enough. A more formal scenario might involve tables and a three course meal. It’s all about the atmosphere you hope to convey.

How To Serve

How you go about serving your guests is also closely linked with the level of formality. As mentioned before, a self serve table is an option but isn’t appropriate for something formal. Serving your guests a predetermined meal at their table will help keep your event refined and free of the chaos that can ensue during the rush for a self-serve table.

If you plan to have the type of event where your guests will be mingling, having servers loitering with trays is a great option. People won’t be pinned to their seats and they won’t need to carry around loaded plates from a self-serve table. Full plates in a crowded room of moving people is a recipe for disaster!

What Kind of Food

Once you’ve determined the way you plan to serve your food, it will give you a better idea of what foods are available for your menu.

Having servers on the floor, it would be best to equip them with small, easy-to-eat foods like shrimp, cheese, or small sweets like fudge or cookies. Take into consideration the atmosphere each of your choices allude to.

A self-serve table gives a little more leeway in regard to size and ease with the foods you choose. This is the ideal place to stock finger sandwiches, fruit arrangements, and appetizers. Attendants can keep things stocked as they’re taken and can help serve guests any drinks you have available.

If you plan to have a set menu and each person will be served at their seat, multiple courses are probably in order. This kind of setup is ideal if you’re looking for a more professional atmosphere. It also makes planning simpler as you won’t need as much variety. If the event is something people will RSVP for, you can include a menu card in their invitation. This gives them the opportunity to inform you if they have allergies or dietary restrictions. A menu for this scenario would be complete with as little as five plates: a salad to start, main and alternative options for the entree, and two choices of dessert.

There are a lot of things to consider when organizing an event. Putting consideration into who you’ll be serving and where, you can at least ensure no one goes home hungry!