Planning Interactive Games for Your Event

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April 24, 2018
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June 20, 2018
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We’ve all heard of the typical types of corporate games and exercises that companies like their employees to take part in. These usually consist of things like icebreakers, honesty games and trust falls. But unfortunately, these just aren’t the energizing activities that they used to be. It’s time to start thinking further into the future when it comes to how you are going to get people to connect at a corporate event. Fun games can break up the monotony of lengthy presentations and speeches. Luckily, there are a few new ways that your employees can have a good time at an event that doesn’t involve falling back into their colleagues’ arms.

Phone scavenger hunt. This can be important to test the online research skills of your employees and colleagues. Give them a list of prompts and questions and have them research the answers on the internet. The first one who gets all the answers correct receives a special prize. To add in an extra layer of fun, make all of the prompts be about the company. Ask for what the CEO lists as his hobbies on LinkedIn. This serves the dual purpose of getting people pumped as well as providing them with valuable facts about their industry.

Improv Lessons. One of the most valuable lessons that can be taught in business is how to think on your feet. It allows you to respond to queries and requests in thoughtful and inventive ways. What better way to foster this skill than to learn from actual masters of the art: improv performers. Give your employees a chance to laugh at themselves as they try to think of all the different uses of a stapler in a short amount of time. But this can also give them the confidence to head into unknown situations with ease.

Painting Course. You want your employees to be creative and inspired at all times when they are at work. But sometimes that can get buried by financial reports, marketing gains, and transition campaigns. One great way to get that creativity flowing is to give them a relaxing and artistic outlet to do so. Have an instructor come to your event and teach your employees how to create a work of art all their own. This can be a great activity for the beginning of an event that will open attendees’ minds to new ideas and opportunities.

There are plenty of other fun events you can plan that will allow attendees to take their minds off the grind of speeches and presentations. Breaking things up at an event can lead to some of the next big ideas that will add value to your company. Therefore, at any event you may host, it is always worth taking a small break for diversions.