Creative Themed Events


A creative theme from WPI Events can take your event to the the next level!

Nothing makes an event stand out like a creative theme. A theme can turn a blasé, forgettable meeting, conference or seminar into something that people will remember and talk about for years to come. Selecting a theme can influence the tone for your event, with all decisions about venue, staging, entertainment and the like working together to create an environment of your choice. WPI Events can help, taking on the full workload needed in order to bring your event to life. With an ideal fit of activities, talent, resources and scheduling, WPI Events will make your themed event one for the record books!.

Location themes can be an excellent choice – transport your guests to Paris, or the Wild West or New Orleans with cleverly arranged staging and lighting, transforming your venue into another place and encouraging a sense of wonder and excitement.   Similarly, throwback themes from different eras – be it a 1950s sockhop, a 1920s speakeasy or a 2050s futuristic theme – can be a fun theme for end-of-year parties and celebrations.

Consider theming your event around a beloved piece of entertainment – a James Bond or Wizard of Oz theme can inspire movie buffs, while a Lego-theme works wonders for teaching about constructing new relationships or celebrating a new building.  Think outside the box – almost anything can be used as inspiration for a theme, and WPI Events will help turn your ideas into reality!

We want your event to be great! At WPI Events we offer you total flexibility. We create both customized and packaged special events for organizations of all sizes.

The team at WPI Events has earned positive recommendations from clients for our responsiveness, quality of work and ability to deliver effective and successful events. Our clients have found that hosting an innovative event builds stronger relationships among employees, partners and customers. This has led directly to higher recognition, more involvement and more support for the event’s key messages and goals. 

For your next creative themed event, contact the experts at WPI Events!  Whether you have 10 people or 10,000 people, we’ll make you our next satisfied client.  Call us today for a free consultation!