Trade Show Productions


Your trade show will stand out above the rest, thanks to WPI Events!

Trade shows are important venues for companies to present and demonstrate new products, get in touch with potential customers and network with business associates. They’re ideal opportunities for the general public to learn about local businesses. They’re a great use of a marketing budget, because it allows companies to meet a large number of people quickly at a central location. Trade shows are a fantastic tool, and running a trade show means you’re facilitating all of these connections and opportunities. With over 20 years of experience, WPI Events can be the creative force behind a custom-designed trade show that will achieve all of your intended goals.

Running a trade show can be a difficult proposition.  In addition to the upfront costs, there’s the issue of proper marketing and advertising, venue selection, entertainment and event scheduling, on-site logistics, staging and lighting – the list goes on.  WPI Events handles all of these and much more, ensuring a smooth-running event.  We’ll bring your trade show vision to life with an ideal fit of activities, talent, resources and scheduling.

We’ll help liaison between you and potential vendors and exhibitors, working with you to best realize your event’s goals, message and audience.  We will craft a customized plan, taking into consideration your needs, resources and other constraints.  The result is getting the most bang for your buck – the best event possible for you, satisfying your audience and delivering the results you expect.

We want your event to be great! At WPI Events we offer you total flexibility. We create both customized and packaged special events for organizations of all sizes.

The team at WPI Events has earned positive recommendations from clients for our responsiveness, quality of work and ability to deliver effective and successful events. Our clients have found that hosting an innovative event builds stronger relationships among employees, partners and customers. This has led directly to higher recognition, more involvement and more support for the event’s key messages and goals. 

For your next trade show production, contact the experts at WPI Events!  Whether you have 10 people or 10,000 people, we’ll make you our next satisfied client.  Call us today for a free consultation!