Product Launches


Put your new product on the right foot with an WPI Events-organized product launch!

Managing your product launch properly is the hallmark of a successful company. When Microsoft or Apple releases a new product, they pull out all the stops, with product launches that get everyone in the industry talking about them. With your product launch, you want a similar effect on the scale your business operates. You want the public and the media to hear about your product from you first, with your message and your marketing. That’s where WPI Events comes in.

With over 3,000 custom-designed events under our belt, WPI Events will take your product launch to the next level.  We’ll help ensure all your potential customers – both old clients and new, targeted consumers – get a great introduction to your new product.  We’ll help you sell your new ideas to your shareholders or the media – we’ll help create the custom-designed event that will best position your new product in the marketplace.

WPI Events will handle the logistical details that can make a successful product launch challenging.  We’ll find the perfect venue, and work with you to determine the ideal timing so your product makes a huge splash.  We’ll arrange the event itself, from logistical support to food and entertainment.  We’ll handle all the small details that come up on the day itself to ensure that everything runs smoothly.  When you trust WPI Events, you know you’re getting an event you’ll be proud to call your own.

We want your event to be great! At WPI Events we offer you total flexibility. We create both customized and packaged special events for organizations of all sizes.

The team at WPI Events has earned positive recommendations from clients for our responsiveness, quality of work and ability to deliver effective and successful events. Our clients have found that hosting an innovative event builds stronger relationships among employees, partners and customers. This has led directly to higher recognition, more involvement and more support for the event’s key messages and goals. 

For your next product launch, contact the experts at WPI Events!  Whether you have 10 people or 10,000 people, we’ll make you our next satisfied client.  Call us today for a free consultation!