5 Outdoor Events Made Cool by WPI

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April 24, 2018
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June 20, 2018
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As the temperatures rise, the outfits get more casual, and so do the events.  WPI has a full schedule this year but there is always time for a little more fun.  Trying to get out and enjoy the weather with some friends? Want to take advantage of the open spaces and use what mother nature provides as the backdrop for networking?  Here are 5 outdoor events made cool by WPI.

Pool Parties

A pool party can be one of two things can be a convenient place to meet up and drop off the kids when the weather is just too hot and sticky to send them anywhere else. At this party, there are lifeguards and concession stands and breaks for adult swim. The other party is where adults swim the whole time and there is a sound system involved, catered drinks and grilled treats, and perhaps a few vendors eager to sell their local goods to their neighbors and friends. WPI is the perfect choice for your planning needs.

Outdoor Concerts

Arguably, all the best concerts have been outdoor concerts. Festivals are rampant this time of year and for young adults, there can be no better vacation than road tripping to a distant location to see the best bands play back to back for one full day or one very full weekend.  If you’re considering your own concert, be it for one band or many, in a backyard or in a barnyard, WPI can help set up your space and make it a venue. WPI can handle key details for any concert-going experience such as lighting, sound, and stage setup.  Have merch? We can handle a space for that. Want to sell drinks? We can handle vendors for that too.

Outdoor Galas

The grass is always greener when you’re having a ball on it.  Host your next fully catered social on the lawns and leave the tricky details up to the WPI event planning professionals.  Catering, vendors, sound, lights, WPI can change everything about an open space, making it a great venue. Worried that it might rain?  Not to worry when you have canopy tents on hand for speaker presentations and covered ballrooms alike.

Outdoor Weddings

If you’ve been dreaming of a destination wedding but fretting about the added logistical mess that can be assembling all the various parts of a wedding, fret no more.   Turn that barn into a reception hall. You can’t easily bring the rustic charm to the event center, but you can bring enough of the event center to the destination with the help of event specialists.

Training Seminars and Retreats

When planning a retreat, all you really need to plan for is bringing the employees you want to treat.  You have your busy schedule to maintain, the last thing you want is to spend countless hours preparing for a training seminar that will set you behind schedule even further.  Come with a list of objectives you want to accomplish and leave the planning to the event professionals while you get caught up on your own to do list before so you can relax during the yoga session you have planned at your next annual retreat.