Top Five Rentals for Your Next Event

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June 20, 2018
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Planning an event doesn’t always mean hiring out catering and the whole nine yards. Sometimes all you need to get the party going is a few of your favorite friends and cool a place to put them all. No frills. When hosting a party on a budget or collecting all the pieces of your next event yourself, the trick is to gather everything you have and then rent the rest that you need. Try party rentals! This list of the top five rentals for events goes through some of the most popular rented items and a few of the more fun items people rent to make their next event a sure-fire success.


Tents are a must-have for any outdoor event. Make sure you have enough time and a few strong backs to set them up ahead of time. With event space tents ranging in size from ten feet to 100 feet, their purposes can fill many different needs and bring some much-needed shade to hot summer days. For tents made to house cars and big machinery, you’ll want to consider clear span tents. For the upscale event consider sprucing up your tent with paneled walling and accessories.

Chairs and Tables

A seasoned hoarder might be able to round up enough chairs and tables to host their entire guest list from their own personal stock, but that collection would never match and the eclectic look is rarely a look that anyone goes for these days. Whether you’re looking for just a few cocktail tables, to long spanning banquet tables, catering can be a sinch if you have the right space for the food you want. Folding chairs, bleachers, benches, and plastic chairs all serve their purposes too.


Even the best venues sometimes lack the proper lighting to host events properly. You could host your next talk in an old dairy barn (that’s very trendy right now) if only it wasn’t for dismal lighting. Transforming any space into the environment you want can be achieved with the right lights in the right spot. Projectors and screens bring a technical aspect to the area of lighting and renting a projector are many times cheaper than buying one to own. No matter the event, there’s always room for a laser light show.


China, glassware, silverware, linens, grandma’s entire china cabinet can’t cover the largest of parties. There’s no need to stock your cupboard with the silverware you might use once in a great while. Throwing a dinner party means feeding a lot of people. Hosting a seminar of the highest quality leaves plastic and wooden table settings out of the picture. Rent the tableware you need and never worry about a single spork.


Okay, so you’ve been practicing up on your DJ skills. Unless you brought enough headphones for everyone, pumping your sick new beats through your laptop speakers just won’t cut it for everyone’s enjoyment. Perhaps you have an important task or a guest speaker, and your guest list is just large enough to possibly require a PA system and a microphone. Investing in a little extra for a sound system might be the most efficient dollars you can spend in making your event really stand out.