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June 20, 2018
The Magic of Good Lighting
July 20, 2018
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Laser light shows aren’t just for Pink Floyd cover bands, you too could harness the intense inspiration that a laser light show supplies. Did you know that laser lights can be programmed to act as special effects for you and your guest speakers? A burst of excitement at key points in your lecture or seminar can keep your audience engaged. Your audience is going to feel like their time spent at your event was a step above their usual experience because of your light show.

Networking Events

3D images, including your slogan or trademark, can be sent spinning overhead. Broadcast the name of your guest speaker to sweep the room. Use laser lights inside or outside to make your event stand out. Rentals are affordable and easy to incorporate into your next event. 

Outdoor Concert or Social Events

It hardly needs to be mentioned, but when we think of laser lights we often think of indoor concerts. Bring the magic outside to your next concert. If you have a social event that is scheduled late into the evening, pack a couple laser light emitters and make sure the dance floor is clear. When you reveal this surprise your guests will have a strong urge to get their dance on!

Conference Lectures

Your big idea is important, and nothing puts more of an exclamation point on your statement than a burst of laser light magic. Commonly used to introduce guests and then again at key points of lectures and at the final note of a talk, laser lights are just one of those final touches that bring a talk up from a good talk to a spectacular talk.


What’s the deal with weddings these days? There are a ring bearer and a flower girl; cute little munchkins. There’s a kiss, a photographer. Maybe an open bar. Weddings can be a lot more exciting and yours can be too. Just get a laser light machine and the rest of the decisions will fall into place.

Convention Booths

A sure fire way to get people to come to your booth or panel would to spruce up its light show game. All you need to do is go with a timed show that can be as short as a couple seconds. A few curious onlookers will bring the rest and soon people will be asking “what’s this line for?” The answer will be YOU!

No matter what you have in mind for your next event, WPI Events can make it happen. Our laser shows can be customized to meet your exact theme, without breaking your budget. We’ll help make sure your event is one to remember.