3 Tips to Make Your Event More Interactive

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4 Ideas for Your Event’s Sign or Logo
August 25, 2017
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September 22, 2017
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3 Tips to Make Your Event More Interactive

The traditional conference, meeting or corporate event is a very passive experience.  People file into one room to hear from this speaker, go into another room to watch this video, read this pamphlet, look at this demo, and so on and so forth.  It’s all very one-sided.  Modern trends, however, encourage you to make your events more interactive, allowing for a two-way exchange of ideas and a boost of collaborative efforts.  Here are some important steps to take in order to make your event a more interactive experience.

Know Your Audience

The end goal of making your event interactive is to improve the experience for your audience, so knowing their wants and needs is an essential part of improving your event experience.  Ask them what they want to get out of your event – what type of venue fits their needs?  What content do they want to see covered, and what do they absolutely not want to hear about?  There’s no reason interactivity has to be limited to the event itself; by asking key questions beforehand, you can begin the collaborative process right from the building blocks of your event.

Create an Experience

Passively listening to a talk or watching a video is only one way of communicating information – and, quite often, a boring one.  It’s certainly unlikely to be a memorable event that sticks in peoples’ heads for years to come.  Try to come up with a unique experience that makes your event stand out – big brands do this all the time, trying to get that extra wow-factor that makes their event a memorable one.

Create a Conversation

Your event doesn’t exist in a vacuum.  Use the power of social media to get your attendees in to the conversation.  They can link up and communicate about the event, helping spread your message.  Create incentives for people to continue to communicate – contests, giveaways or exclusive content available online.  That will keep your attendees exchanging ideas and information even after your event has finished.