What to Look For in an Event Venue

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2 Steps to a Healthy Event Experience
May 26, 2017
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The Keys to a Keynote Speech
June 19, 2017
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What to Look For in an Event Venue

Your venue is an important part of your event experience – it contributes so much in terms of atmosphere, logistics and accessibility that it’s arguably the single most important decision you’ll have to make.

So, what should you look for?  What separates the best venues from the worst ones?  We’re glad you asked.  Here’s what you should look for in your venues:


You have a budget, presumably.  While maybe Radio City Music Hall or the Sistine Chapel would be perfect for your event, it’s important to find a venue that fits your budget.  Having flexibility on your dates is a great way to broaden your range here.


You want your venue to be easily accessible for everyone involved – if it’s local members of your company or other local attendees, a venue close to their homes makes sense; while a larger-scale event should have a location close to hotels and transportation.


Does your venue have a kitchen or on-site catering?  Does it have tables, chairs, linens, etc for your guests?  Will it meet your AV requirements?  Does it have a setup or clean up crew?  These are all important things to ask – what does your event need, and does the venue provide them?


If people are driving to your event, they’ll need a place to park their cars.  A venue with a parking lot should shoot up on your list; if it doesn’t have one, you’ll have to scope out alternative places for people to leave their cars.


Accessibility is crucial.  It’s often associated with special needs – wheelchair ramps and the like – but accessibility goes for all attendees.  If it’s an elderly crowd, you don’t want a venue with a ton of stairs.  If parents and young children are attending, you’ll want restrooms with diaper changing stations.  Think about who will be attending and what they’ll need to get around properly.